Kitchen Update

We updated this kitchen from the dated, 2004 look to more sleek and modern. The top trim was painted white to match the rest of the house. The cabinets were sanded and stained to a rich color. We installed the microwave, Lowe's installed the rest of the stainless steel appliances. Hinges, door knobs, and cabinet knobs were place with ones that have a satin nickel finish to give a more sleek look. A subcontractor replaced the countertops. We replaced the kitchen faucet with a modern, pull down kitchen faucet. New garbage disposal was also added (not pictured).

1904 Building

This building has been standing since 1904! It was 2 buildings that were made into one home! A previous contractor started the task, but was unable to finish. The building was painted a spicy hue. The stairs were painted mallard green to match the front of the house. Windows were brightened. The client wanted the shingles removed from the missing window upstairs and sealed. Transom windows were given the same mallard green treatment. One passerby said, "You sure gave life to this little town." It's amazing what paint can do.

Color Contrast

We changed the wall color to a deeper tan and changed the trim to a brighter white. We also removed unused electrical sockets. The color contrast really makes everything pop!

German Schmear

This homeowner didn't just want paint, she wanted something that would stand the test of time. German Schmear is a mortar mixture that is placed directly onto the brick. The look she was going for was "rustic". The schmear was scrapped off in strategic spots to give her her dream. We love how much this house stands out now!

The Outhouse

This shed was nicknamed "The Outhouse". The owners wanted the bottom, rotted siding removed and replaced. The door trim, door jamb, and supporting board behind it were also rotted and needed replaced. They wanted gutters added to prevent the damage from reoccurring. And a water diverter and rain barrel were added to offer a greener way to water plants.

Time Warp

We removed the dated wallpaper and added a chic, new contemporary paper to bring this laundry room up a few decades.

Freshen Up

Weather can really do a number on your paint. Just a couple coats of new, quality paint can make a home look new and keep it looking fresh for years.

The Patch

Just a small unsightly spot on the ceiling can really catch the eye. Removing the old tape and adding new tape, texture and paint really helped this ceiling patch blend.